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Speaking Engagements

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Little Known Facts about World War 1 lectures in Seal Beach, California

Topics of specialization:

World War 1 Era

  • Fascinating & Little-Known Facts About World War 1

  • German Spies in America During WW1

  • The Tragic Sinking of the RMS Lusitania: A Planned Attack by the British Government or Lucky Coincidence for the Germans?

  • Lusitania vs. Titanic: Comparing the Two Disasters

All Things California History

  • California’s Beginnings

  • The Mission System and How It Affected the Native American Population in California

  • California’s First Entrepreneurs and Millionaires

  • Fascinating True Stories From Old California

  • California and the Civil War

  • Early Los Angeles

  • The Gold Rush and Its Effect on California

  • The Need For Poor Farms in California

Park City, Utah

  • The Beginnings of Silver Mining

  • Stories of Some of the Most Interesting Miners and Madams, Merchants and Murderers.

Writing Topics

  • Writing Stories Set During Wars

  • How to Make an Effective Timeline to Help Guide Your Story

  • Writing Nonfiction History Books

  • Research and How to Organize It

  • Weaving Important Research Into Your Novel Without Using Information Dumps: The Biggest Challenge for Historical Writers.

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